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Thursday 30 April 2020

Dave Bartholomew - Shrimp And Gumbo

Side 1:
01) Snatchin' Back
02) No More Black Nights
03) Stardust
04) You Got A Time
05) That'll Get It
06) Love Is So Low Down
07) Texas Hop
08) The Ice Man

Side 2:
01) Cat Music
02) Every Night, Every Day
03) An Old Cow Hand From A Blues Band
04) Shrimp And Gumbo
05) Ivy League
06) Love No More
07) Somebody New
08) Honky Tonk Trumpet

Shrimp And Gumbo (Zippy)

The third and final Pathe Marconi collection of Dave Bartholomew's Imperial sides. There may be a couple of weaker tracks but there are some real finger poppers which demand attention, especially "The Ice Man" and "An Old Cow Hand From A Blues Band" which had me bopping round the room yesterday. "Texas Hop" is nothing like the Pee Wee Crayton classic but is nevertheless a fine instrumental outing for a lineup which includes Fats Domino.

There are informative sleeve notes by Jeff Hannusch and a discography by Kurt Mohr and Gilles Petard, so no need for me to add anything!

I found this little insert inside the sleeve (in fact two of them), and how I wish I had bought more of these releases back then -

Keep a knockin' and keep a rockin'!


Chi-Town said...

Thanks for all 3 Dave Bartholomew LP's, BW. All good stuff !


soulpapa said...

Such rare things! Thanks!!!

Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, I didn't have this particular album. Can't remember if I've already told you that I met Dave Bartholomew In Australia when he was on tour with Fats in the mid 1970s. I went to the Fats press reception and all the press/media people were busy with Fats but I recognized Dave & Lee Allen standing to the side, so walked over and introduced myself, and I had the pair of them all to myself for around 30 minutes. Had a most interesting chat about various artists and sessions those 2 greats had played on.

boogiewoody said...

Cheers guys. Thanks for the reminiscence Bob Mac. I'm currently re-reading "Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock 'N' Roll" by Rick Coleman in which Dave Bartholomew features prominently. A very fine read, well worth obtaining.


Zesty said...

Really enjoying these Dave Bartholomew LPs -- thanks, BoogieWoody, as always!