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Tuesday 21 April 2020

Earl Bostic For You (King LP 395-503 and King LP 503 stereo)

Side 1:
01) Sleep
02) Moonglow
03) Velvet Sunset
04) For You
05) The Very Thought Of You
06) Linger Awhile

Side 2:
01) Cherokee
02) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
03) Memories
04) Embraceable You
05) Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
06) Night And Day

I've altered the downloads which featured on the first posting of these mono and stereo iterations of "Earl Bostic For You." For the mono version I've used the artwork from the first issue of this LP in February 1956 as King 395-503. The music files were ripped from my copy of the 1980s Sing issue of this collection. The download includes the Sing artwork which is almost a copy of the second issue of this collection in 1958 with a front cover which featured a picture of Earl on his lonesome holding his sax in the air. This cover was also used for the stereo issue which consisted of 1959 re-recordings of the tracks.

For the stereo version I've managed to dig up improved artwork from the web, although the back cover is a "mash up" of two different versions.

The original post should be read for the recording details of the stereo version and also for the original release details of the singles which were used on the 1956 / 1958 mono LP. The recording details of these singles can be found on the back cover of the Sing issue. Original post from October 2017:


The tracklist is the same as King 395-503. The difference between the mono and stereo versions is very noticeable with different arrangements being used for the re-recordings. I know which version I prefer, in fact I would say that 395-503 may well be my favourite Bostic album as he powers through a series of abrasive versions of standards which were recorded for singles between 1950 and 1954.

Musicians on the mono version include John Coltrane, Stanley Turrentine, Tommy Turrentine, Benny Golson, Count Hastings and Blue Mitchell, all of whom made their mark in the jazz field.

By way of contrast the stereo version was recorded over a short period in 1959 by the same group of musicians which makes for a certain "sameness" about the tracks. It's well worth your while to download and compare both versions.

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The original post of these albums with the lowdown on these platters that most definitely matter. The Bostic-a-thon goes on ... and on ...

With grateful thanks to the original uploaders of the LP artwork.


Zesty said...

Loving this Bostic bonanza! Thank you, boogiewoody!

boogiewoody said...

The Bostic bonanza will continue ... thanks for commenting Zesty.


ricardo said...

thank you !