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Thursday 16 April 2020

Earl Bostic - Sax "O" Boogie re-up

Side A:
01) Bostic's Jump
02) Earl's Rhumboogie
03) Hot Sauce Boss
04) 8:45 Stomp
05) Bar Fly Baby
06) Bostic's Boogie Blues
07) Blip Boogie
08) From Midnight To Dawn

Side B:
01) Swing Low Sweet Boogie
02) Nay, Nay, Go Away
03) Sugar Hill Blues
04) Choppin' It Down
05) No Name Blues
06) Way Down
07) Don't You Do It
08) Rockin' And Reelin'

Kicking off the requested Earl Bostic season of re-ups. I'll start with a couple of comps before throwing myself into the fraught matter of all those 1950s LPs and the stereo re-recordings, plus there will be a look at Bostic's wild years - the sides he recorded for Gotham before he went on to King Records and hit the formula which brought chart success and a veritable avalanche of LPs.

First off - this Oldie Blues collection has a great selection of early Bostic, mastered from 78s by the sound of it. Boptastic!

For some more details on these tracks, see this post of the LP from 2016:

 Stay slick, groovers.

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