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Friday, 10 February 2012

More Jumpin' and Jivin' on 78

I hope all you jumpin' jive fans out there have been following the links to the revised posts of El Enmascarado's 78 rpm discs. With the imminent demise of El Enmascarado's YouTube channel, I've been revamping the posts from last year which featured videos of the records spinning on a vintage Sparton consol.

Our mysterious masked wrestling amigo has been busy ripping mp3s from the shellac ten inchers and you will now find that these cuts on streamed audio have replaced the videos in the new versions of the posts. You may also find that the writing has occasionally been updated too. We here at Be Bop Wino believe in quality, not quantity, so we put in that extra bit of effort on each and every post.

Click on the links on this post and the previous post to experience R&B as it was back in the day!

As El Enmascarado says about the 78 rpm discs: "In 1948, if you liked this music, this is what you bought and listened to. You dressed like an actor in a Film Noir, with a sharp suit and a Frank Sinatra hat. You drank martinis, or maybe a Rock and Rye or a Manhattan, and popped the 78 onto your Sparton. Voila!"

Here are the remaining links to the updated posts:

Jealousy / The Sidewalks Of New York - Tiny Grimes
Let's Make Christmas Merry Baby / Bow Wow - Amos Milburn
Still Waters / Nite-Flite - Lloyd Glenn

 Well Oh Well / I Hate You - Tiny Bradshaw

Little Girl Don't Cry / Moosey - Bull Moose Jackson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Look at all those purty labels. As a small boy, I remember thinking that nothing looked cooler that all the singles displayed on the wall rack at the record store. Each one was ripe with the promise of sonic treats, if only one could come up the the princely sum of $1.00. What's a record store?