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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jumpin' On 78

Well, there's gonna be a few changes around here I guess. First the good news. El Enmascarado has recently acquired yet another stash of jumpin' and jivin' and bluesin' and boozin' 78s. And that's not all - the Masked One has started using a new method to clean these precious but often very dirty and worn slabs of shellac with a resultant improvement in sound quality. You can get a taste of the hard work that goes into preparing these old discs for ripping by viewing SwingMan 1937's video on how to clean a 78. He's the guy who not only developed this method, he also has a fabulous YouTube channel. Click on this link to find out more.

Now speaking of YouTube, the Tubeseventyeight channel which furnished the videos which accompanied many of El Enmascarado's 78 rips will soon close down. This is because many of the uploaded videos were removed by YouTube. Things have surely got a bit out of hand when videos of a 65 year old record spinning on a turntable accompanied by a shellac rip are deemed to be affecting current music sales.

And speaking of things getting out of hand, all of you will already be aware of the bad news - megaupload links are dead. We now have to rely on the kindness of rapidshare. There have been a few messages recently about dead rapidshare links and I will replace them as and when I can. Keep an eye on the latest comments section in the sidebar for details of new links. I suspect that more fileshare services will bow to pressure and it will become impossible to offer vinyl downloads on this blog. It may even become impossible to post streaming audio, at which point the blog will probably cease to exist.

Let us end on a positive note. El Enmascarado is putting in a power of work, not only on his new shellac stash, but also on upgrading many of the rips which have already been posted on the blog. The posts which featured YouTube videos are being modified by the removal of these videos and the uploading of streaming audio of the new improved rips. I will maintain a list of links to the updated posts at the bottom of this post.

You can guess by the title that we're hoping to get together a series similar to the popular "Blues On 78" which we will call "Jumpin' On 78". It will feature a mix of upgraded versions of rips previously posted on the blog plus completely new material. El Enmascarado also hopes to send in upgraded blues tracks for a second volume of "Blues On 78." What with Joan's new series and my own efforts we hope that Be Bop Wino will keep swingin', jumpin', jivin', a-rockin' and a-rollin' and a-boppin' and a-strollin' through the months ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything bebop.
What you and Joan and El and the Masked One offer is exemplary.

A 65 year old spinning slice of shellac certainly does affect current record sales. Everything that can be owned has to be owned.
Next they'll be constructing palaces.

Catch you around.

An anonymous dave

Anonymous said...

Ah Woody, keep on trucking.

Anon Dave - no, they'll have us constructing their palaces.


Other Dave

gilhodges said...

I am so appreciative of your perseverance in the face of such absurdity. Anyone with one ear and half a brain would know instantly that BBW is beneficial to artists, labels, copyright holders, etc. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The music industry wants to totally control what people listen to in order to maximize their profits. They don't and never did care about artists beyond the fact that they could turn a fat profit off them. The record collectors have driven the reissue market for decades now and the labels want to keep people focused on new crap. Good luck to you and thanks. Lhasa Crawler

Anonymous said...

In the US, the government has used copyright as an excuse to push for what they really want- censorship of the internet. The people are learning all the things that the "mainstream media" tries to cover up. Now that that has failed, they are are trying "child pornography" as an excuse for censorship, and the latest excuse I read today was "homeland security". Really, they are just trying to enact a police state and looking for any potentially plausible pretext. The modern "music" industry creates nothing that I have any use for. If some sinister Guantanamo camp commandant is trying to get me to confess to evil deeds I didn't commit, they will play "product" concocted by the current Music industry. Other than that, Bebop Wino-type music is what I listen to. Off the soapbox.