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Friday, 3 June 2016

Joe Lutcher Re-upped!

Side 1:
01. No Name Boogie
02. Strato Cruiser
03. Be-Bop Blues
04. Mojo Jump
05. How Fine Can You Be
06. Shuffle Boogie
07. Sunday Blues
08. Joe Joe Jump

Side 2:
01. Lucy Lindy Boogie
02. Hit The Block
03. Sauterne Special
04. I Knew You When
05. Bagdad Bebop
06. Watch It Gate
07. Walk Into My Heart
08. Toodle-Oo

All sides recorded in Los Angeles for Capitol Records in 1947.

Download from:

Original post (20th February 2011) is here:

Continuing our look at lesser known California jump bands!

Joe Lutcher's Jump Band was one of the best on The Coast. They recorded for Specialty in early 1947, for Capitol in late summer and autumn of the same year and for Modern in 1949-50.  Then Joe found The Lord and gave up all that sinful jazz, blues and boogie. Read the full story in the epic original post, which includes an appearance by Little Richard. Another sinner saved?

Whatever you make of all that sinnin' and redemption, "Joe Joe Jump" is without doubt a stonkingly brilliant LP. Keep a jumpin'!


malcee said...

thanks Boogiewoody, some fine tunes, sun, cold beer and the weekend. thanks and keep em coming - the tunes that is, but if you can help with the sun and beers that'll be fine too :)

teddy cat baz said...

thanx guys

boogiewoody said...

Crikey, malcee! Will I pop over and do the housework too? Only kidding - there's a few posts in the pipeline but I'm going out to enjoy some of that sunshine first. The cold beer is tempting ...

boogiewoody said...

Teddy Cat Baz - thanks for all the "thank you's" you've given to the blog. I wish more people who downloaded from here would take the trouble to post a message.

Cheers and thanks again!


Leo Maier said...

thank you so much!!!
wonderful record

Leo (Brasil)