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Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Buddy Banks Sextet Re-upped

Side 1:
01. I Need It Bad
02. Bank's Boogie (Sterling version)
03. Voo-It! Voo-It! (v - MA)
04. Cryin' Blues (v - MA)
05. Fluffy's Debut (v - FH)
06. Bank's Boogie (Excelsior version)
07. Hi-Jinks Blues v - FH)
08. Name It And Claim It

Side 2:
09. Goin' For The Okey-Doke (v - MA)
10. Roses Of Picardy (v - MA)
11. East Side Boogie
12. "686" Blues
13. Maybe Some Rainy Day (v - BC)
14. Be Fair With Me (v - BC)
15. Happy Home Blues (v - BD)
16. The Nite Is Fading Too Soon (v - BD)

MA = Marion Abernathy (The Blues Woman)
FH = Fluffy Hunter
BC = Bixie Crawford
BD = Baby Davis

Sides recorded for Sterling, Juke Box, Excelsior, Melodisc, Modern, King, and Specialty, Los Angeles, 1945 - 1949.

Download from:

Original post (23rd November 2008) is here:

Of late, I've been listening to sides by some of the lesser known California jump bands, i.e. anyone who isn't Roy Milton, Joe Liggins, Jimmy Liggins, Jack McVea or Johnny Otis. It's time to revive that West Coast swing and jump, starting with a re-up of Buddy Banks. These sides are notable for their strong woman vocalists. For me the standout is Fluffy Hunter who later recorded two notorious R&B tracks with Jesse Powell - "The Walkin' Blues" and "My Natch'l Man."

Fluffy Hunter and Marion Abernathy both feature in the "Rare Blues Girls From King" LP, Fluffy in a reunion with Buddy Banks, and Marion with a group which was backing Wynonie Harris in his "Good Rockin' Tonight" session.

Further West Coast Jump LPs:

Calvin Boze: Choo Choo's Bringing My Baby Home (password = greaseyspoon)

Calvin Boze: Havin' A Ball (password = greaseyspoon)

More West Coast jump to come - re-ups and maybe even some new stuff!

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