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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Swingin' Saxophones Are Back!

Side One:
01. Cotton Tail - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
02. Flying Home No 2 - Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
03. Honeysuckle Rose - Ben Webster
04. Blowing The Blues Away - Billy Eckstine & His Orchestra
05. Lunatic - John Hardee
06. IQ Blues - Ike Quebec

Side Two:
01. Riffin' At 24th Street - Illinois Jacquet
02. I'm Confessin' - Lester Young
03. The Spider - Joe Morris
04. Long Tall Dexter - Dexter Gordon
05. Hot In Harlem - Tiny Grimes
06. Cole Slaw - Frank Culley

Download from here:

Original post with full recording information:

Side One:
01. Breaking The Blues - James Moody
02. No Dues - Arnett Cobb
03. Cozy's Beat - Cozy Eggleston
04. Red Top - Gene Ammons
05. Serenade - Earl Bostic
06. Harlem Nocturne - Willis Jackson

Side Two:
01. A La Carte - Roland Kirk
02. Groovin' - Illinois Jacquet
03. Fuzzy - Gene Ammons
04. Weary Blues - Illinois Jacquet
05. The Way You Look Tonight - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
06. Triple Threat - Roland Kirk

Download from here:

Original post with full info here:

In answer to a re-up request here are the two "Swingin' Saxophones" LPs on the rare Bop u Rhythm bootleg label, a label which was rumoured to have been founded by a jazz crazed ex German Army officer with aristocratic pretensions who may or may not have deserted while stationed in Paris in 1944. Later resurfacing in the Saarland, he founded the label backed by funds raised in a house of ill repute (see the original posts for more details) in the town of Saarlouis. Following a raid by Interpol, the operation moved to Munich in the early 1960s and continued to issue material sporadically until at least into the 1970s.

The founder, whose name I will not reveal out of respect to his surviving descendants, met an untimely end in 1990. Having long given himself over to alcoholic excess, it was perhaps inevitable that his demise would be under messy circumstances. And thus it was that in the wee small hours of the morning, Harry (yes, let's call him that) staggered out of his favourite watering hole in Munich, "Mylord", and fell asleep on the tram tracks at the corner of Fraunhoferstrasse and M├╝llerstrasse. The driver of a tram heading towards Stachus failed to spot the recumbent figure and that was that. A sad end for a man to whom so much was owed by hipsters, groovers, beatniks and drop-outs across Europe.

As I mentioned in my previous post I spent last weekend in Munich and I can assure you, dear reader, that I made a pilgrimage to the spot where "Harry" met his end. Disgracefully there is no memorial plaque in the vicinity.

Please note that the first volume of Swingin' Saxophones now has a front cover from a later pressing, but I have included the older cover in the download. My thanks to a donor in Germany who supplied this material. The same donor also contributed the Big Al Sears Saxophonograph LP. Evidently a man of impeccable taste.


KurtGS said...

Thank you very much for these two records. Great music!

Javy said...

Thank you for this music.