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Sunday 5 June 2016

Jesse Price - Jump It With A Shuffle

Side A:
01. Jump It With A Shuffle
02. You Satisfy
03. Froggy Bottom
04. Kansas City Mama
05. You Can't Take It With You
06. I Ain't Mad At You
07. The Whirligig
08. Just Another Day Wasted Away

Side B:
01. Frettin' For Some Pettin'
02. Nagasaki
03. I'm The Drummer Man
04. That's The Way She Feels
05. Big Town Blues
06. My Baby Done Left Me
07. Tippin' Out (Creepin' And Peepin')
08. Blue Book Boogie
09. Baby, Let's Be Friends

Download from:

Session dates and personnel are listed on the LP cover. The Capitol sides were recorded in Los Angeles between July 1946 and November 1947. The Miltone side was recorded in 1948.

Additional discographical information:

01. Jump It With A Shuffle - Capitol 40047
02. You Satisfy - Capitol 295
03. Froggy Bottom - Capitol 40093
04. Kansas City Mama - Capitol 295
05. You Can't Take It With You - Capitol 391
06. I Ain't Mad At You - Capitol 348
07. The Whirligig - Capitol 15370
08. Just Another Day Wasted Away - Capitol 15370
09. Frettin' For Some Pettin' - Capitol 40093
10. Nagasaki - Capitol 40047
11. I'm The Drummer Man - Capitol 348
12. That's The Way She Feels - Capitol 40014
13. Big Town Blues - Capitol 391
14. My Baby Done Left Me - Capitol 15138
15. Tippin' Out (Creepin' And Peepin') - Miltone 5250
16. Blue Book Boogie - Capitol 40014
17. Baby, Let's Be Friends - Capitol 15138

Release dates:

Capitol 295: Kansas City Mama / You Satisfy - September 1946

Capitol 348: I Ain't Mad At You / I'm The Drummer Man - January 1947

Capitol 391: You Can't Take It With You / Big Town Blues - April 1947

Capitol 40014: That's The Way She Feels / Blue Book Boogie - July 1947

Capitol 40047: Jump It With A Shuffle / Nagasaki - October 1947

Capitol 40093: Frettin' For Some Pettin' / Froggy Bottom - March 1948

Capitol 15138: Baby Let's Be Friends / My Baby Done Left Me - July 1948

Capitol 15370: The Whirligig / Just Another Day Wasted Away - February 1949

Miltone 5250: Creepin' And Peepin' / (Just Before Sunrise by Buddy Floyd) - June 1949

Miltone 5250 was in the Billboard Advance Race Record Releases on June 18th 1949. The Jesse Price title was listed as "Tippin' In." Label shots of the actual release show the title as "Creepin' & Peepin'." The B Side, "Just Before Sunrise", was by Buddy Floyd.

See (and hear) this post for more on the Jesse Price / Buddy Floyd Miltone single:

We continue our West Coast jump theme with this 1987 Jukebox Lil LP featuring sides by singer / drummer Jesse Price. Or for "West Coast" in this case, read from Memphis to Kansas City and then on to California, thus picking up all the jazz and blues influences that such a musical journey brings. The sleevenotes by Dave Penny tell the fascinating story of Jesse Price's life, beginning in Memphis in 1909 and taking in spells playing with W.C. Handy, working on riverboat bands, backing Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and Ida Cox and all that before Kansas City has been reached!

And as for K.C. well, just read the notes! Walter Page, Basie, Jay McShann, Harlan Leonard, oh, and the little matter of a small band featuring a 17 year old Charlie Parker. Then there's a spell with the late Chick Webb's band under the leadership of Ella Fitzgerald which brought Jesse to Los Angeles. Followers of this blog will be in hog heaven reading about the life and times of Jesse Price.

The sides on this collection show the K.C. jazz and blues influence and the musicians in these small group lineups are top notch, including Billy Hadnott, Buddy Tate, Snooky Young, Gene Porter, Dave Cavanaugh and Paul Quinichette. The band on the final Capitol session (Baby Let's Be Friends / My Baby Done Left Me) has Dexter Gordon, Jimmy Guiffre, Red Callender and Barney Kessel, a jazz combo which sounds a bit uneasy on "My Baby Done Left Me" but which does very nicely on "Baby Let's Be Friends" thanks to ace solos by Dexter Gordon and Barney Kessel.


12vjoe said...

Very cool - thanks!

E Craig said...

Cool tunes. Your posts make my day. Thanks.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for commenting, folks. I agree - "cool" is a good description of the tracks on this LP. I first came across "Jump It With A Shuffle" on the Capitol 2CD set "Jumpin' Like Mad" and it's stayed in my mind ever since. Same with "I Ain't Mad at You" which was on an old Swing House LP, "R&B And Boogie-Woogie." Now I find that "Nagasaki" and "Just Another Day Wasted Away" are also ear worms! I can't get them outta my head!