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Saturday 23 July 2016

Big Jim Wynn - Blow Wynn Blow (Re-up)

Side A:
01. Ee-Bobaliba
02. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
03. I Want A Little Girl
04. Cherry Red
05. Rock Woogie
06. Shipyard Woman
07. J.W. Bop
08. In A Rhapsody In Minor

Side B:
09. Blow Wynn Blow
10. Jelly Kelly Blues
11. Fat Meat
12. Farewell Baby
13. Put Me Down Blues
14. I'm The Boss (At My House)
15. Goofin' Off
16. Down To The Ocean

Download from here:

Original post (8th May, 2010) is here:

In response to a request for a re-up, here is West Coast tenor sax and baritone sax player Big Jim Wynn. The original post contains extensive background information on Big Jim as well as original release information on the tracks in this LP.

More information has come to light since the original Big Jim Wynn post regarding the origins of "Ee-Bobaliba" / "Be Baba Leba" / "Hey! Ba-Ba-Re -Bop!" See this post: Lionel Hampton - Leapin' With Lionel for information on Tina Dixon's claim to the copyright, which may conflict with Big Jim Wynn's claim to be the originator of one of R&B's biggest hits of 1945/46.

This re-up contains an improved version of one of the original label scans, plus the volume on these tracks has been boosted. And like all the re-ups, the files are now password-free.


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Anonymous said...

Dear BW,
I hope you are well and have enjoyed your very well-deserved break.
Could you add a re-up of "Blow Wynn Blow" to your list of requests, when you come back, please?
Thank you so much for the music, scans, information, and above all joy!