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Monday 25 July 2016

T-Bone Walker - T-Bone Jumps Again (re-up)

Side 1:
01. Hypin' Woman Blues
02. Too Much Trouble Blues
03. I Got A Break Baby
04. Mean Old World
05. Bobby Sox Blues
06. I Know Your Wig Is Gone
07. T-Bone Jumps Again
08. Call It Stormy Monday

Side 2
01. You're My Best Poker Hand
02. First Love Blues
03. She's My Old Time Used To Be
04. On Your Way Blues
05. I Wish You Were Mine
06. Wise Man Blues
07. Born To Be No Good
08. T-Bone Shuffle

Download from here:

The original post (June 5th, 2011) contains a biography of T-Bone Walker and recording details of the tracks on this LP. You can find it here:

"T-Bone Jumps Again" was the first of three Charly LPs which compiled T-Bone's recordings for Black & White Records of Los Angeles, for whom he recorded between 30th September 1946 and December 1947. The series was originally conceived as a showcase for Capitol and Black & White recordings by T-Bone, but after "T-Bone Jumps Again" was released in 1980, further discographical research showed that the series of T- Bone Walker singles released by Capitol in 1949/50 were all cut from original Black & White masters.

An article in Billboard Magazine dated 30th April 1949 announced that Capitol had signed T-Bone Walker to a recording contract and had also purchased his Black & White masters. In fact T-Bone didn't record for Capitol in 1949/50 and all of his singles issued by that company were either reissues of material previously released on Black & White or first time releases of hitherto unreleased Black & White masters.

There was, however, one genuine Capitol single, recorded by T-Bone for the company while taking part in a Freddie Slack recording session in July 1942. "I Got A Break Baby" / "Mean Old World" was released by Capitol in November 1945 and it is included in this Charly collection.

The original post of this LP contains a lengthy appreciation of T-Bone and details of the recording sessions at which these tracks were cut. Information on the original release of the tracks was not included at the time, but I have now collected the necessary details. Note that the Comet label on which some T-Bone singles were released was owned by Black & White Records. Here is the track by track information in chronological order:

Tracks 3 and 4:

I Got A Break Baby / Mean Old World - Capitol 10033, November 1945.

Track 5:

Bobby Sox Blues (b/w "I'm Gonna Find My Baby") - Black & White 110, November, 1946.

Tracks 6 and 8:

I Know Your Wig Is Gone / Call It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just as Bad - Black & White 122, December 1947.

Track 7:

T-Bone Jumps Again (B Side of "I Want a Little Girl") - Black & White 125, April 1948.

Tracks 10 and 16:

First Love Blues / T-Bone Shuffle - Comet T53, circa March 1949. (in Most Played Juke Box Race Records chart, 19th March 1949).

Track 9:

You're My Best Poker Hand (B Side of "Long Lost Lover Blues") - Capitol 57-70023, July 1949.

Tracks 1 and 15:

Hypin' Women Blues / Born To Be No Good - Capitol 57-70025, July 1949.

Track 12:

On Your Way Blues (B Side of "Go Back To The One You Love) - Capitol 799, January 1950.

Tracks 2 and 11:

Too Much Trouble Blues / She's My Old Time Used To Be - Capitol 944, April 1950.

Track 13:

I Wish You Were Mine - Capitol LP T1958 "T-Bone Walker: Classic Indigo Vocals And Guitar." 1963.

Track 14:

Wise Man Blues - Capitol LP T1958 "T-Bone Walker: Classic Indigo Vocals And Guitar." 1963.

Soul Jam have reissued Capitol LP T1958 on CD with 16 bonus tracks:


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