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Wednesday 6 July 2016

The Be-Bop Boys - Boppin' A Riff

Side 1:
01. Boppin' A Riff, Parts 1 and 2
02. Fat Boy, Parts 1 and 2

Side 2:
01. Everything's Cool, Parts 1 and 2
02. Webb City, Parts 1 and 2

Download from:

Recorded in New York, September 6th, 1946. Personnel: Kenny Dorham; Fats Navarro (trumpet); Sonny Stitt (alto sax); Morris Lane (tenor sax); Eddie DeVerteuil (baritone sax); Bud Powell (piano); Al Hall (bass); Kenny Clarke (drums); Gil Fuller (arranger)

The session was credited to Fats Navarro / Gil Fuller's Modernists / The Be-Bop Boys

Release details:

01. Boppin' A Riff, Parts 1 and 2 - Savoy 588
02. Fat Boy, Parts 1 and 2 - Savoy 587
03. Everything's Cool, Parts 1 and 2 - Savoy 586
04. Webb City, Parts 1 and 2 - Savoy 585

The above four 78 rpm singles were listed in Billboard's Advance Record Releases section of 12th October 1946 as being due for release as a 4 disc set called "Be Bop Jam Session Album" (Savoy S-506). "Webb City" was later reissued as Savoy 900 and "Fat Boy" was reissued as Savoy 901. "Everything's Cool" was reissued as Savoy 941, credited to Fats Navarro.

These tracks have been reissued many times on LP and EP but with changing credited artists. For example "Fat Boy" was on "New Sounds In Modern Music - Fats Navarro" (Savoy MG 9005) issued in 1951:

"Everything's Cool" was on the 1952 Sonny Stitt LP (MG 9006) in the same series:

This is one of those "knock off" posts where a few tracks are gathered together into a home made compilation on some pretext or other. I've cobbled together a set inspired by the previous post on Morris Lane. I referred to the fact that prior to his first recording for Savoy as named artist, Lane had recorded for that label as a member of "The Be-Bop Boys" alongside some of the biggest names in bop, including Fats Navarro, Sonny Stitt and Bud Powell. Here are the four singles which resulted from that session, presented in the order in which they were recorded. Each track was split in two to fit onto a 78 rpm single, which leads to some odd sounding fade outs and fade ins.

"The Be-Bop Boys" was a generic name used by Savoy for recordings by various lineups of boppers, including bands led by Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Allen Eager and Sonny Stitt. Anyway I'm a sucker for bop, so I'm off to find my beret and bop shades, then I'm going to  dig these cool vibes! I might even grow a goatee too. Way out, daddy-o.


KurtGS said...

A little bebop in the morning gets you up and going. Nice!

boogiewoody said...

I find that Sunday afternoons are also a good time for bebop.

Harry The Hipster said...

and dig Bud on these beautiful sides.Sans pareil.