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Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Legend Of Elmore James

Side 1:
01. Wild About You Baby
02. I Held My Baby Last Night
03. Long Tall Woman
04. Where Can My Baby Be
05. I Believe
06. Sinful Woman

Side 2:
01. Canton, Mississippi Breakdown
02. 1839 Blues
03. Please Find My Baby
04. So Mean To Me
05. Hand In Hand
06. Rock My Baby Right

"The Legend Of Elmore James" was the first LP released in the 12 disc series "Anthology Of The Blues Archive Series" on the Kent label from 1969 onwards. The series, compiled by Frank Scott and Bruce Bromberg, brought together sides recorded in the 1940s and 1950s for the Bihari Brothers owned Modern Records and its subsidiaries RPM, Flair and Meteor. These LPs were re-issued later in the 1970s on another Bihari label, United Superior. In Europe all 12 discs were released on the French label Musidisc, and it's the Musidisc edition of "The Legend Of Elmore James" which you can download from here. I bought a few of the Musidisc issues back in the 1970s / 1980s and looking back, I wish I had bought the lot! After all, I think they cost only a couple of quid each.

The May and June 2016 editions of "Blues And Rhythm" Magazine carried a 2 part article by Ray Templeton on the background to the "Anthology Of The Blues" series, and the subsequent more recent reissue on CD by Ace UK of the blues material recorded by the Biharis 60 years and more ago. 

01. Wild About You (Baby) - alternate take of Modern 983 - 1956
02. I Held My Baby Last Night - Meteor 5000 - 1953
03. Long Tall Woman - alternate take of Modern 983 - 1956
04. Where Can My Baby Be - unissued
05. I Believe - Meteor 5000 - 1953
06. Sinful Woman - Meteor 5003 - 1953
07. Canton, Mississippi Breakdown - unissued
08. 1839 Blues - Flair 1039 - 1954
09. Please Find My Baby - Flair 1022 - 1953
10. So Mean To Me - unissued
11. Hand In Hand - Flair 1031 - 1954
12. Rock My Baby Right - Flair 1048 - 1954

Scans: courtesy Joan K

Recommended purchase:

"The Best Of Elmore James - The Early Years" Ace CDCHD 583. Twenty-eight cracking tracks recorded for the Bihari Brothers' labels 1952 - 1956 plus Elmore's first record on Trumpet from 1951 - "Dust My Broom." Slashing slide guitar, rocking sax backing and soulful blues wailing. A must have.


apauling said...

Picking up our conversation from email, I must have been dozy when I said what I did with regard to the comment function. The way they're handled on BBW is the norm in the blogosphere. But I am sorry to hear you don't get much encouragement by way of comments. In my world the stuff you (re)post is at the crux of American music.

boogiewoody said...

I'm very grateful to the people who take the trouble to comment. Sometimes there are very informative comments which add to the sum of knowledge of what is a fast disappearing era of American music, meaning there are hardly any surviving musicians from this period. And a simple "thank you" is appreciated just as much!

Unfortunately the number of people who leave a comment is only a tiny fraction of those who download from the blog. I guess it's just the way things are.

So thank you to all the real Be Bop Winos out there! May we all keep a rockin' and a boppin'.

StuBlues said...

Theses Elmore James Lp's are a real treat, thank you so much for making them available! Great site too, all best, Cheers!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Stu.


dbh said...

And a simple "thank you" is appreciated just as much!
Hi and thank you very much.

boogiewoody said...

Much appreciated, dbh!