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Saturday 2 July 2016

Big Sound Tenors re-upped

Side A:
1. Creamin' Boogie - Julian Dash
2. For Squares Only - Julian Dash
3. Devil's Lament - Julian Dash
4. Dance of the Mother Bird - Julian Dash
5. Long Long Ago - Al Sears
6. Searsy - Al Sears
7. Tweedle Dee - Al Sears
8. So Glad - Al Sears

Side B:
1. Walkin' Home - Eddie Chamblee
2. Goin' Long - Eddie Chamblee
3. Back Up - Eddie Chamblee
4. Lazy Mood - Eddie Chamblee
5. Time Out For The Blues - Ben Webster
6. Cotton Tail - Ben Webster
7. Surf Board - Ben Webster
8. You Are Too Beautiful - Ben Webster

Download from:

Original post (17th July, 2010):

In response to a re-up request here's a fine tenor sax compilation which was donated by Big Al (The Bloggers' Pal) nearly 6 years ago. The original post (follow the above link) has extensive background information on the above tracks and artists. This is where swing, R&B, jazz and even rock and roll meet. My kinda music!


KurtGS said...

Thanx for these two, much appreciated! Like you say: My kinda music!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Kurt. BTW regarding another request, there's an active mediafire link on the Bill Ramal post, so I don't have to re-up that one soon.

However, another tenor sax LP will be revived later today!


KurtGS said...

I missed the Mediafire link...